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20 Responses to Pyramid Sets The Best For Building muscle???

  • itzJusQ says:

    The new push pull legs program sent me here 

  • Guy says:

    Break those PLATOOS!!

  • James Cosby II says:

    Plateau LOL!

  • Adam Lew says:

    +Physiquesofgreatness plateau is pronounced plat-toe you retard.

  • Josh Moore says:

    I always forget to “like my shit” until you say it every time. lol. I do
    have a question. I had an old school trainer that did tons of supersets and
    giant sets. At first I was getting huge gains, due to not body building
    before ( 4 years ago). He did very minimal rest times in between lifts
    with the same muscle group. I mean like 20 to 30 seconds tops. I’ve search
    tons of your videos to find an answer on if this is endurance lifting or
    any less of the hypertrophy effect. I still get gains this way and
    sometimes it is timed lifts. 45 seconds and 15 rest, if the weight is
    right, its failure. On chest it would go from a incline smith. to a decline
    db, to a stability ball db. I’m lifting it seems like down to like 60% of
    my max at that point. Can you give some insight on lifting with minimal
    rests and does it still fall into hypertrophy or more the endurance range
    (or not getting max hypertrophy gains). I do opposite muscles on a
    different day. I have tried to get a better rest with active recovery with
    box jumps and burpies. I was 350 now 220 not cut still 20% body fat.
    Please help. have plateaued for about a year on fat loss. I just don’t
    want to be a cardio all day guy. I eat fairly well with proteins, timing,
    lots of complex carbs and lean meat. Please help. Sorry so long.

  • dalton graham says:

    go to failure on every one?

  • reedickyaluss says:

    I can see Chris’ bicep vein through his tshirt… that’s insane lol

  • schwadaddy81 says:

    i didn’t forget to like your shit brah

  • jack black says:

    if we all know who it is. then why do you introduce yourself? LOL

  • John Khouzam says:

    thank you 😀

  • Jorge Rangel says:

    I meant Houston

  • James Pak says:

    you can easily do them both? pyramid will help u warm up, then just finish
    it off with a few drop sets? i dont train for BB, mainly football/PL/oly
    but at the end of my work outs ill do 2-3 drop sets

  • thirdbreath says:

    working your fucking ass off sets

  • highpvball11 says:

    Damn..you gettin weird bro.

  • iamUSAn50 says:


  • Ray Wilson says:

    I love my POG

  • Ian Baggarly says:

    hell yeh. It’s the 24 Hour over in Fort Worth on Quebec St… zip 76135…
    Club 665. I’d rather run over there with you and Vince though haha it’s
    crazy we live in a small world dude

  • NASFullFlavor says:

    My dad had a great physique when he was younger and all he did for chest
    and legs were pyramid sets. 10 sets with minus 1 rep each set. Then a cool
    down set of 10 reps. I’ve tried it and it’s damn exhausting but I’ve seen
    great results :]

  • tommyc2479 says:

    Switch between normal sets/drop-sets/pyramid sets to keep the muscle
    guessing and therefore growing. All you’ll be making ALL KARNNNNDS OF

  • 4Gottlos says:

    Uhh… what’s stopping you doing both?


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