HealthmateForever T12AB2 Best TENS EMS therapy machine device/PMS Unit electrical nerve muscle stimulation stimulator – Black On Black + Belt Plus

FEATURES – 12 preprogrammed massage modes in a rectangle design. Tuina (Push & Pull), Acupuncture, Tapping, Guasha (Scraping), Cupping, Shiatus (Finger Press), Pressure, Back Pain, Deep Tissue Massage, Body Building, Weight Loss, and Combination. An adjustable 10-80 minute timer. 20 levels of adjustable mode and intensity in channel A1, A2 or channel B1, B2. Rechargeable internal lithium battery? up to 10 hours of continuous use. 4 outputs are isolated, so both channel A and channel B has the same100% power, without reducing strength in half. Allows 2- 8 pads to be applied to the two different targeted areas at the same time. Differences between T12AB and T12AB2. 4 outputs: Independent A/B channel, Channel A1& A2 with 20 level intensity adjustable, Channel B1 & B2 with 20 level intensity adjustable. Completely Touch Screen – no need of adjustable buttons on the side of the device. Allows up to 8 pads to be used at the same time. Bigger Back-lit Touchscreen LCD Display.

Price: $ 412.99
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